A New Personal Record

Rode the Thrilla course again tonight and made a huge improvement over my previous best time. I dropped from a 1:44 to a 1:36 tonight. Granted, we did skip a short 0.4 mile section (not part of the true time-trial course, I'm told) but that aside, I felt great tonight. Two of the guys I was riding with both have reecorded times around 1:20 in top mid-summer shape, but considering I couldn't break 2:00 back in November and the course is only 20 miles long, I must say I'm enjoying the time I hit tonight. Also, thanks to getting done so quickly we didn't need to turn our lights on. Trails were a little muddy in spots, but mostly pretty dry.

Feeling great about this Sunday's race! Bring it on!


Criscipline said...

Have fun this Sunday! Kick some ass!

(and be safe)

snoqualman said...

Any chance you could post a map of the TT course?