TR Training: Week #15 Numbers

Total Saddle Time: 8 hours, 29 minutes
Total Mileage: 101.6 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 3985 feet

We can call last week the week of the bike repair. After spending nearly all day Tuesday tracking down a replacement derailleur hangar for my Giant (it was bent) and a replacement bolt for the rear shock (it broke!), I then spent much of Wednesday making further repairs to the drivetrain, culminating in replacing the crankset on Saturday. It killed me to put a Shimano LX crankset onto my bike, but I can't afford to go high-grade on two bikes and even the XT crankset was over $100 more than the LX. So, in a way, the purchase of the LX crankset was acknowledgement that the Giant is now my "beater bike".

Much of the week's riding was done on the trainer thanks to the snow and the much-needed bike repairs, but I did finish the week up with a nice trip to Fort Ebey yesterday. My trip to Orcas Island got pushed back a week on account of my riding partner's children being sick, but Fort Ebey is not a bad substitute. The trails were in excellent condition and there were few people on the trails in the morning when we were there. Unfortunately, it seems as if yesterday's ride buddy (TransRockies partner prospect #3 of 4) is pretty intent on finding someone to join her on the Se7en stage race that leads from Vancouver Island to Whistler. Too bad too, as I think our personalities and riding abilities would match up pretty well.

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