53,594 Dead

Zombies, that is.

Want to know why Dead Rising is one of my most anticipated X360 games this year? Well, I can sum it up by just posting the requirements for one of the game's fifty achievements -- "Defeat at least 53,594 zombies".

Sure, there's been zombie games before, but none that take place in a mall infested with them! And none that featured up to 1,000 zombies on the screen at one time, nor the ability to raid every one of the dozens upon dozens of stores and restaurants in the mall and use everything from parasols to hockey sticks as a weapon against the undead brain-cravers. Actually, an article I read revealed hundreds of items that can be used as a potential weapon in the game and almost as many different food items and pieces of clothing.

If you don't mind a little pixelated zombie gore, definitely check out this game trailer at Google Video: Link to the trailer.

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Criscipline said...

That game sounds awesome.