Snapshot in Time

My fantasy baseball team just moved into 6th place out of 12 which marks a high water mark for my career in this particular fantasy sport. I've been playing for three or four years now and it's a very competitive league consisting of the same guys I make my annual baseball trip with. There's plenty of wheeling and dealing going on, everyone always trying to get the upper hand and trash talk is the norm.

What better way to convey the attitude of the league than to present you with a list of the current team names. I say current because many of the guys in the league change their team names on an almost weekly basis.

1) Shoot Barbaro
2) LoDuca is a Bitch!
3) Buy Low/Sell High
4) Grenadian All-Star
5) Barehanded Grab
6) Advertise Here!
7) FukItUAllStillSuk!
8) The Happy Recap
9) Gangsters w/Hats
10) The Chicago Cubs
11) Fred the Frowner
12) H-Town

There's a maximum score of 120 points in our 5x5 rotisserie league and the current range, as of this moment is 99.5 on down to 23.5. I'm holding a slightly above-average mark of 64 points.

My current lineup is a far cry from my one following the draft back in March. Conspicuously absent is Mr. 250-mil. Yep, I traded away A-Rod. Anyway, here's my team:

C: Joe Mauer, Twins
1B: Justin Morneau, Twins
2B: Chone Figgins, Angels
3B: Mike Lamb, Astros (filling in for injured Eric Chavez)
SS: Carlos Guillen, Tigers
OF: Scott Podsednik, White Sox
OF: Gary Mathews Jr, Rangers,
OF: Raul Ibanez, Mariners
UTIL: Juan Encarnaion, Cardinals

SP: Francisco Liriano, Twins
SP: Felix Hernandez, Mariners
SP: Barry Zito, A's
SP: Roy Oswalt, Astros
SP: Mark Buehrle, White Sox
SP: Gil Meche, Mariners
SP: Mike Maroth, Tigers (Disabled List)
RP: Derrek Turnbow, Brewers
RP: JJ Putz, Mariners
RP: Jose Julio, Diamondbacks
RP: Scott Linebrink, Padres
RP: Chad Bradford, Mets

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