Sony First to Worst in Marketshare?

It could happen... according to market analysts at DFC Intelligence.

Furthermore, with the competition having features like Xbox Live and the Nintendo Wii controller, the PS3 may not have that much of an advantage in the
elusive "Wow Factor." That gets to the heart of the biggest concern with the
PlayStation 3. Sony has done very little to justify why the system is worth a
premium price for consumers that don't care about raw hardware performance and
are not hard-core audio/visual consumers. Unfortunately we believe that
represents over 90% of the consumers in the marketplace.

Of course, the big problem with the PlayStation 3 is price, and in theory that can be easily solved by simply lowering the price. There is always that core group of consumers that will rush out to buy a new PlayStation system no matter what the price. So it would make sense for Sony to gain as much revenue as possible from those consumers before lowering the price. The vast majority of consumers will not be in the market for a new system until holiday 2007 or later.

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