Barry Bonds Indictment Seeing Some Action

Just when you think you've heard it all, there's this:

At least one Internet sportsbook has begun taking bets on whether Bonds will be indicted by July 31. Costa Rica-based is allowing a maximum bet of $50 on the yes-no question. Las Vegas casinos said they won't post similar wagers.

I believe that final sentence had an unfortunate omission and was originally slated to be followed by the words "at this time". I wouldn't bother wasting the two calories of energy it takes to post this if not for the ridiculous state of affairs the forehead now finds himself in. It's come to this: Bonds passes Babe Ruth on the all-time homerun list and rather than celebrating his accomplishment and enjoying his abilities during this rather blase All-Star Break, we're instead watching as people place bets on whether or not he gets rung up on perjury charges.

And he thought finishing 11th in fan All-Star balloting was having a bad week. Now even the friendly Ticos think he's a criminal. Yikes.

The full Yahoo Sports article here.

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