Elan Atias

Every summer has that one music artist that ends up defining the summer. Sometimes it's just a song or a particular style of sound, but no matter how many years pass, you always end up being reminded of that one summer whenever you hear it again.

This summer could be Elan Atias's.

If you don't know who he is, you're not alone. I'm not sure if he's getting much radio play, as I pretty much only listen to music on Yahoo's Launchcast service these days, but his new album "Together as One" is awesome. Atias is a reggae singer who, in my limited reggae knowledge, would best be described as a cross between Sean Paul and Bob Marley. Some songs display the mellodic harmony of Marley while others feature the faster, catchy beats of recent Sean Paul songs.


Check the above link for song samples. I recommend listening to "I Wanna Yell", "Do Right By You" and "Together as One" for the mellower side, then check out "Girl" which features the singer Assassin on it. It's a totally different sound, but catchy. And then for a total Marley flashback, check out "My Kingston Girl". Anyway, thanks to Launchcast, another album I may have never heard of is joining my cd collection.

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