Dad 'N Me

From's summaries of the finalists for 2006's Independent Games Festival (thanks for the link, Chi).

From the title, you'd guess that Dad 'N Me was a charming interactive tale about a father's love for his child. That's exactly the kind of wholesome headline-grabber that this industry needs. Right? Sure. Except this is not that game. No, Dad 'N Me is all about beating up children on a playground.

I'm not kidding you. You're a purple wrecking machine, and your job is to smack the crap out of little weeble-wobble-shaped children using your head, hands, feet ... garbage cans, lawmowers, propane tanks ... even other children. At first you'll be filled with awe. And then, disgust. Then, right about the time you start kicking boyscouts onto the street in front of oncoming ambulances, you move past disgust and into respect. When you stumble onto a soccer field, you can not only beat up the players, you can kick the ball into the goal to score points for either team. Then you can kick the ball into children's faces. When you're done, you can kick the referee's ass. I'm not going to make any excuses for Dad 'N Me -- if you're not already deeply offended, hurry up and play it.

Want to give it a try: head right over here to play it.

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