PGR3 Achievement Tally Corrected

Since my last posting about the Achievements and Gamerscore feature of the Xbox 360, I've since boosted my score up to roughly 1970 points and have been called a "Point Whore". Not that I have a very high score yet, mind you, but I do admit to playing my games in ways required to earn more Achievements. Like I've said before, this system is the ultimate carrot on a stick for people like me who, on the one hand are completionists, but on the other grow bored and shelve games early.

But as much as I love this system, the one thing that has constantly bothered me was that Project Gotham Racing 3, one of my favorite games, only awarded 950 Gamer Points instead of 1000 like all the other retail games do. Not that I have all 950, but it was always the fact that it for some reason was broken. Every retail game has to have an even 1000 points to earn and every downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game has 200. It's a perfect system when it's followed consistently.

Microsoft has apparently remedied this situation. Thanks to for the good news this morning that a final 4 Achievements worth the missing 50 points have been added to the game and are relatively easy to get. Unlike many of the other Achievements in the game that help that site award the game a 9/10 on their Achievement Difficulty scale. I currently have 675 of the 1000 and look forward to knocking off these new four right away. I'm at a standstill with work until a package arrives later this morning and once it does, my recreational gaming will be on hiatus for a while. Got to get it in now while I can.

22. Mouse Master - Win a Cat & Mouse Event as the player in the E class vehicle.
23. Cat Champion - Win a Cat & Mouse Event as a player in a non E class vehicle.
24. Cone Capture Champion - Win a Cone Capture Event.
25. Team Cone Capture Champion - Be on the winning team of a Team Cone Capture Event.

*Note: the four Achievements listed here are copied directly from the Achieve360Points site, but I believe there is a typo. I think the latter two should be "Course Capture" event.

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