Prey Gets Connected

Haven't posted about any of my recent guidebooks in a while, but I just received a case of my latest, the book for Prey. Prey is a first-person shooter starring a Cherokee twenty-something named Tommy who is abducted into an alien world. Actually, the aliens have come to earth to harvest the humans they seeded the planet with so many years ago. Tommy is the one who can stop them.

The graphics in Prey are quite impressive and the story actually follows a lot of Cherokee mythology and is presented in an enjoyable manner. In writing the official strategy guide for the game, I played through it four or five times and can honestly say that I never tired of it. Perhaps the ability to walk on walls and ceilings and rotate gravity had something to do with that.

As for the guide, it marks the first in BradyGames new "Connected" line of guides that feature video clips of key battles and online. By going to this site and registering your copy of the book, you can download cool wallpapers and images, as well as videos of yours truly whooping up on all of the game's tough boss creatures, complete with narration (not my voice).

If you have the game (available for PC and Xbox 360) and would like a signed copy of the guidebook, go ahead and email me your name and address. I'll send copies to the first three people to reply. Send requests to

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