Stylin' Hygyiene

It was bound to happen eventually. In a crusty-eyed daze after a long night of play, err, working I woke at 7:45 and stumbled into the bathroom and prepared to brush my teeth as I always do. While raising the brush to my mouth I noticed that the toothpaste was pure white. No blue. No green sparklies. No red stripe. Just white.

"Hmmm, that's odd." I thought to my self. With a mental shrug of the shoulders I began to brush my teeth.

And I realized instantly what I had done. That wasn't toothpaste. It was instead, Spiker. Spiker is the "hair glue" I use. It's essentially waterproof, extremely sticky, thick, and basically a bombproof version of Elmer's glue. I had more on my toothbrush -- and now in my mouth -- than I ever dare use of the stuff in my hair.

I quickly spat it out and began rinsing at a feverish rate and gargling with mouthwash, but the taste stuck. The taste of mucilage and hairspray combined.

Somebody has a case of the Mondays.

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