Fun With Bill Collectors

Operator: Excuse me sir, but why were you late in mailing the payment this month?

Me: I'm not sure, but if I had to guess it was because we didn't have money to pay it on time.

Operator: Did you suffer any financial hardships?

Me: No. Unless you count us going to Europe and HARDLY wanting to give you our spending money before we left.

Operator: But the check has been mailed.

Me: Yep, Quicken tells me it has.

Operator: Would you like to cancel the check and pay by phone.

Me: No, I'd rather not. I'm not convinced you aren't a scam artist.

Operator: But...

Me: There's nothing you can tell me that will alleviate my fears of you trying to swindle me. I think we're done here.

Not that we get them often (seriously, we don't) but I don't know why people ge so irritated when a bill collector calls on the phone. It's not like they're difficult to deal with. They can even be fun to talk to at times. You just have to know what to say to them.

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