Bold Statements

If ever there was an ultimate example to be had of how passive, politically correct, and ultimately noncommittal Seattle is, I think I found it.

I was in the restroom of Racha the other day, my favorite Thai restaurant a couple blocks from where Kristin works in the city and I saw the following scribbled on the wall above the urinal. Those of you who may be expecting to read about someone sucking or about calling someone for a good time or about someone's mother are in for a shock.

This is what Seattle bathroom graffiti now looks like.

"Lance is somewhat nifty"

That is what was written on the wall. Somebody took the time to write about a guy on the bathroom wall of a restaurant and all they could muster was that he was somewhat nifty. Welcome to Seattle, have a nice day.

I'm sure you will.

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Jase said...


I'm going to go and LMAO now. :)