Take the Words Out of My Mouth

WTF is not just a way to beat the net-nannies of the world anymore. Everybody's favorite acronym is taking on a new identity as it stands for Work Time Fun. As in the Japenese-y collection of mini-games for the Playstation Portable. Surprisingly, this game is actually headed to the US shores in September. Why am I surprised?

Just read the blurb...

D3 Publisher of America announced that it was importing Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation Portable minigame collection Baito Hell 2000 as WorkTimeFun, or WTF for short. Today the company pegged a shipping date for the game as well, saying it will go out to North American retailers on September 26.

WTF combines an array of more than 30 simple minigames that see players chopping wood, entering a burping contest, or performing other similarly random feats. By performing well, gamers earn money to purchase more games or other prizes. In addition to the single- and multiplayer modes (up to five can play), there are some utilities gamers can unlock to use the PSP as a calculator, a flash light, or a ramen timer.

Let's get this straight. I'm supposed to use my ultra-sleek PSP to play a game in which I chop wood and earn a ramen timer utility for the PSP? WTF is right.

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