IGN's Hiring... Hypocrites Everywhere Shout With Glee

IGN is hiring. Let's look at their requirements for the job, shall we?

PC/Console Editor

Duties: Editors are responsible for general day-to-day writing and publishing duties on the site, and are the voices of the channel they work for. Daily tasks include writing and publishing channel-specific content including but not limited to news, features, previews, and reviews, maintaining a database of important channel-related contacts, as well as traveling and reporting on industry-related events.

-Must be 18 years of age or older
-Outstanding writing skills
-At least two years writing experience at a Website or journalistic publication
-Extensive knowledge of PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo DS games
-Excellent verbal and social skills
-Experience with HTML
-Extensive knowledge of the gaming industry, including specific games, publishers and developers
-Love and acceptance of all videogame systems
-Winning attitude
-Experience with video recording, capturing or editing a plus
-Can work in the San Francisco Bay area

Now let's take a closer look.

That's some list of requirements. I can understand needing the person to be over 18 and be able to work in the San Francisco Bay Area, after all that's where the company is located. But all of this talk about writing skills, having a winning attitude, loving all game systems, and being quality-oriented... I can't help but wonder why new hirees have to be held to a higher standard than those already there.

Actually, let's have a challenge. Send me a link to a game review or preview on IGN that doesn't contain at least 6 typos and/or blatant grammatical errors; far too much sarcasm and condescension; nor takes pot shots at anything and everything and I'll give you a prize.

I'm not going to bother thinking up a prize though because the odds of you actually succeeding are virtually nil.

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