Relying on Others

A big part of being involved in the Official Strategy Guide side of the videogame industry is in relying on the game publishers to provide various assets and answers in a timely manner. They, consumed with trying to release a game on time, don't often consider our requests a top priority. I'm sure this goes on in any business relationship in which you have a smaller company in complete reliance on a bigger company for material.

And here you have a snippet of an IM conversation with an editor of mine today.

Editor: Yeah, I noticed that too. I'll add that to my "wish list" of items to receive from [the game publisher].
Me: Ideally, we'd get a list of exactly which [secret items] unlocks what, or how many are needed to unlock certain Extras.
Editor: Right. Keep your fingers crossed that they have this info.
Me: LOL! I used to think this job was going to give me carpal tunnel due to all of the gameplaying, but I'm starting to think it's actually from the constant finger crossing.

I have a similar conversation at least once a week whenever involved with a project. I'm sure many of you can relate.

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Criscipline said...

And here I thought it was the strategy guide writers job to find out which secret items unlock what.

Your job is sooooo easy.

hehe, just kiddin'.