2006 Mileage & Elevation

Thanks to the altimeter watch I received from Kristin last year, I was able to not only track my mileage and time spent cycling in 2006, but also my total elevation gain. There were a few months in which I was pretty active, getting in a ride or run at least 5 days a week, then there were also numerous months when I only got in 2 or 3 rides throughout the entire month. It's going to be pretty fun to look back in a year's time and compare these rather tame numbers to my 2007 numbers.

2006 Stats
Total Elevation Gain - 140,000 feet (4.8x the height of Mount Everest from sea level)

Total Mountain Bike Miles - 899.5 miles (95% of the way from New York City to Jacksonville, Florida)

Total Road Bike Miles - 672.4 miles (89% of the way from Seattle to Reno, Nevada)

As for 2007, I'm guessing that my total elevation gain will be over 300,000 feet and that my total mileage between both mtn bike and road bike will be in excess of 3500. That is, if I can stick to my training plan throughout the year. Heck, it might even be a lot more than that.

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