Two Seasons

So I'm sitting here working on a 300-page document that will eventually be the complete roster, stats, and game ratings for the players in MLB2K7 and I came to notice that eventual MVP winner Justin Morneau wasn't an All-Star last year. How can that be? How can the league MVP not even be a reserve for the All-Star team? I refused to believe this was true.

So I did a little looking around online and found out that Morneau was holding down a paltry .236 batting average as late as mid-June last year. Oh yeah, now I remember. I remember shopping him in my fantasy baseball league and nobody showed any interest. I even thought of dropping him outright and seeing who I could snag on the waiver wire. I had forgotten how rough the first half of his season was last year. You see, that slow start was easily forgotten by the time I took to bragging about my "M&M" boys later in the year (I had the Twins' Joe Mauer too). Morneau finished the year with a .326 average, 130 RBI's and 34 HR's. Anyway, no wonder he didn't get to the All-Star game.

But it kind of makes me wonder just how many times in MLB history had the eventual league MVP not even be invited to the All-Star game? Now there's a trivia question begging to be answered. Anyone know? If so, please email me.

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