Crown Happy

As I may have mentioned once or twice on this blog, I'm in the process of getting every tooth in my mouth crowned. Or so it seems. Everytime I go to the dentist I'm learning about another cavity that has since formed beneath a decades-old filling and how if I don't act soon, I might end up needing a root canal. I've heard this time and again from my dentist. I was at a party once and this particular dentist somehow became the topic of conversation -- turns out he says the same thing to nearly all of us. Everybody thinks he's crown happy. And at $950, why shouldn't he be, right? And to be honest, I don't mind (other than the cost) because at least it means a good long time before anything can go wrong with those teeth.

Well, anyway, I had two more teeth crowned earlier this winter and was asked when I wanted to come back for #29. Ah, yes, good ol' tooth number 29 is apparently in very bad shape. If I don't get to it soon I will indeed need a root canal. Surrrreeee.

(by the way, that was a long, drawn out sarcastic "sure". I was not trying to summon the TomKat offspring)

I told them I needed a break and I'd let them know. They told me not to wait too long, as it could get worse. I nodded in feigned agreement, and left.

It's gotten worse.

Holy crap, has it gotten worse! What started as a dull pain last night around midnight while I was working turned into a fist-pounding dose of torture by 2am. Advil didn't seem to work, I couldn't sleep on my stomach, I couldn't sleep on my side. It only seemed to not hurt when I stood. Which, unless you're an elephant or a horse is not exactly comforting news. Kristin implored me to take more Advil and to try using the "husband pillow".

Ahh, yes, the large firm upright pillow with the little wings that you lean backwards into. It supports your back and kind of wraps around you, much like a spouse would.

"Ummm... isn't that kind of gay?"

She rolled her eyes at me and went back to sleep. After what seemed like an eternity, I eventually fell asleep on my back with my head propped up against the books that I keep on the shelf inside the headboard (it's a weird bedroom set, don't ask). Before Kristin left this morning she said she'd call the dentist and try to get me an appointment for today or tomorrow.

True to her word, she emailed me by 8:30 saying that the dentist has an opening today at 12:30 and on Monday at 11:40. I take a moment to reflect on the pain and discomfort I was in last night. I slept so little. I really need this tooth fixed. It's amazing they can take me on such short notice. All I have to do is reply...

"Schedule me for the Monday opening. I don't want this visit to impact my mountain bike ride tonight."

It's going to be a long painful weekend.


Criscipline said...

Suri not Sure. ;-)

Doug Walsh said...

Yes, I know.