N3 Update

Well, at the risk of relying on a age-old sports cliche, this is why you play the game [before commenting on it].

I stuck with Ninety-Nine Nights a little longer than I expected and have so far completed the game with two of the characters. And, surprise-surprise, I'm actually starting to enjoy the story a bit. It's still completely mindless entertainment, but it's precisely what I want while sipping my morning coffee.

My continued play did result in one major complaint though and it once again has to deal with the save system. After completing Inphyy's missions, I started again with Asphaar and quickly completed the first mission. Naturally, I used the same game save file that I've been using. After all, one of the Achievements is to get an A rank or higher with every character on every mission and I just might try to get it. It would stand to reason that you'd have to accomplish this on the same game save file, right? Wrong. You can only have one character's save data per save file. So, although my records still show that I completed Inphyy's missions (with a B for Mission 6), I cannot replay that mission without starting a whole new campaign with Inphyy and playing back up to it.

So, if you're playing N3 and looking to get some of the more advanced Achievements, make sure you save each character's campaign progress to a separate save file. Else you'll have a lot of replaying on your hands. As for me, I'm currently on Myifee's campaign and although I was pretty sure I unlocked a secret character with Asphaar, there isn't one available. If there aren't any new characters available after Myifee's campaign is done, then I'll be done. Otherwise I may just surprise myself and keep playing.

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