For the Dogs Who Demand Only the Best

I went to the pantry to get a new bag of treats for the dogs and what should I find, but a bag of Milk-Bone chewy treats "Made With Real Filet Mignon!"

Were there dogs out there swatting the "Steak & Cheesers" flavored Milk Bones out of their owner's hands? Did a a dog somewhere lift its leg on the "Chicken Drumsticks Special Recipe" variety? And if so, how exactly does a dog demand filet mignon? Better yet, how would a dog know about it in the first place?

What's Milk-Bone Happy? It's that undeniable feeling of excitement that you get when your dog gets excited. It's contagious. Milke Bone Filet Mignon Flavor Chewy Treats have the great flavor of juicy filet mignon. They're even made with real filet mignon. Your dog won't be able to resist. Milk-Bone Chewy Treats make everybody happy. Milk-Bone Happy.

I concur. My dogs are indeed Milk-Bone Happy right now. And I guess it is thanks to that juicy filet mignon flavor. Either that or the "beef, chicken, soy grits, sugar, or cornstarch" all of which are listed ahead of filet mignon on the packaging. Nah... it's got to be the filet mignon.

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Justin said...

Am sure my pets would devour it...