No thanks hon, I'll pick up some coffee on the way in to work.

Those who've never visited the Pacific Northwest may not truly appreciate the level of this area's coffee addiction. Sure, you know about the major roasters like Starbucks and probably Seattle's Best and Tully's too and, like is typical with rain and grunge music, you probably have made a few witticisms about it while channel surfing and noticing the Seahawks were playing on Monday Night Football. But until you spend some time out here, you really can't begin to understand the depth to which the coffee fascination goes. It's not just that there's a "Starbucks on every corner", but that there's probably more than one. And right next to it, in the parking lot, is likely an independently-owned drive-thru coffee stand.

There was one of these stands right down the road from where we rented in Bellevue and it took only two visits to realize that this place was special. The women who were there were all smoking hot. They always had short skirts on, they were all about 18 years old, and they always looked incredible. And yes, their tip jar was always overflowing with money and their were always at least a half-dozen cars in line at the drive-thru. Always.

I thought this place was a lone island oasis in a sea of jittery coffee hawkers, but apparently not. Front and center on today's Seattle Times is a lengthy article (with photos... HOT!) about what has been dubbed 'sexpresso'. Apparently there are quite a number of coffee stands in the area who not only employ young, hot, women but encourage them to dress very scantily. Some wear short skirts, some wear lingerie, others little more than thigh-highs and panties. They act provocatively and succeed in seducing their patrons into tipping generously.

My father-in-law once commented that you can't compete with Starbucks. I think these folks just found a way to do the impossible.

Click here to read the article and see the photos.

"If I'm going to pay $4 for a cup of coffee" said one male customer, "I'm not going to get served by a guy."

Amen, brother.


Maarten said...

When you need sex appeal to enjoy your coffee, maybe it's time to think again about shelling out that $4...


Anonymous said...

You can see a bunch more pics over
here. There's some good ones in their

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the direct link is actually Here.

DEE said...

hmm...i live in seattle, and i DO love my coffee, but i have yet to see these places. maybe cause i dont have a car, so there is no reason for me to go through a drive through... well, it might be good competition for starbucks! id like to see how starbucks will react.

Doug Walsh said...

Wow, I include the word "sex" in the title of a post and my normally hum-drum blog about mountain biking and videogames suddenly gets a collection of comments.

Anyway, like the lady in the article said, (paraphrasing)"everybody out here knows how to make a good cup of coffee, you need to do something special to draw the crowds."

Talk about your morning pick-me-up.. hey-ooo!