Capcom Buyout?

There's a rumor going around that Microsoft is in the final stages of buying out Japanese software giant, Capcom. It's only a rumor so it's not worth getting all worked up about (if you're of that persuasion), but it is definitely interesting. A move like this would not only give Microsoft huge credibility in Japan (or ruin the reputation of Capcom in Japan) but would also guarantee that either big titles like Resident Evil 5 and the next installments in the Devil May Cry and Onimusha series were X360-exclusives. It would also help keep new IP like Dead Rising and Lost Planet from ever seeing the light of day on the PS3. As a happy X360 owner, I'm fine with all of that.

But I do have my concerns, professionally. Capcom is one of my favorite publishers to write guidebooks for because of the tremendous cooperation we receive from them and, to be honest, Microsoft's guideboks are the exclusive domain of our competitor. I'd really, really hate to lose future Capcom projects because they suddenly fall under the MS umbrella. That would suck. Especially Resident Evil 5, as I'm really hoping to write the guidebook for that one this year.

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