Hand Puppet Journalism

Unfortunately I don't have anything all that interesting to say today so instead of trying, I'm just going to link to this rather funny article I read in the paper about yesterday's Super Bowl Media Day.

The hand puppets were supposed to represent a bear and a colt, but in fact they both looked more like mutant fur-bearing frogs from space. The Mexican TV guy was thrusting these things into the faces of professional football linemen the size of convenience stores and asking them questions. Then, pretty much regardless of the answer, the hand puppet would go, "AY AY AY!"

Then the football player would pick up the TV guy by his neck and crush his windpipe like a Bud Light can.

The rest of Dave Barry's article is here.

PS: I read elsewhere in the paper that one of the questions posed to an Indianapolis Tight End was whether or not he and his teammates were trying to win the Super Bowl for Barbaro. Think about it...

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