Haulin' Wood

Spent a couple hours this afternoon helping a few other guys from BBTC load about 4 tons worth of trees onto a flatbed truck to be used at the Collonade Mountain Bike Park that's being constructed in Seattle. The trees had all fallen on park property in Redmond last month and the town had given the club permission to cut it up and haul it out. You'd be surprised how much an 11-foot log can weigh! There were four of us working with two slings and some of the larger logs (22" diameter) could only be moved in short spurts and required some serious lifting to get up into the truck.

Justin, the club's Executive Director, took a few photos which you can see here.

Note the seemingly enormous discrepancy in size of the logs Mike is cutting with the chainsaw in the first two pics. No, we weren't cutting up any old-growth. Ha! Behold, the power of optical illusions! It's actually the same log being cut in both pictures but it is quite misleading, although in a very funny kind of way.

Anyway, the logs are going to be split lengthwise and used in constructing log-rides and also used for rungs on ladder bridges and other TTF's that are being made. That's "technical trail features" by the way. Very nice wood and it was good to get some lifting in today, although I'm glad I've been doing all of those squats with the Spinervals videos. Even then, I'm sure my back is going to be sore tomorrow nonetheless.

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