Holiday Download Coming Later

Back from my week in New Jersey and made it through a relaxing day at home celebrating Kristin's New Year's Eve Birthday yesterday (spent most of the day cooking, truth be told). Will post about my week back east later, as well as all the training I missed (makes for simple write-ups at least) but first it's off to the city for breakfast at Minnie's Cafe, then to REI to exchange some clothes that don't fit, and then to Home Depot and/or Lowe's to load up on materials and stain so I can finally begin replacing all the trimwork in the house, starting with the guest bedroom. The way I figure it, I might as well work out the kinks in my technique in the smallest and least used room in the house.

You might be thinking this is some sort of New Year's resolution, but it isn't. I don't do resolutions. What it is, however, is about time. I've been talking about it since we first bought the house over two years ago and now that I finally finished some other projects, I can begin on it. Fun.

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