Friday Night Snowball Fights

Sure, it's about 25 degrees outside and there's a few inches of snow on the ground, but damn if it isn't a great day to go for a bike ride!

I bundled up with all of my cold winter bike clothing and hit the neighborhood trails for 9 miles of pure, silent, snow-covered bliss. The bike handled exceptionally well, even on the slippery climbs, and I only laid it down once and that was 1/4 mile from home, on a paved section of road. Fortunately I was able to unclip and step over the handlebars and run it out on foot. Although my toes started to get a little cold towards the end of the ride, the only real casualty was the Gatorade in my water bottle -- it turned to slush and the nozzle in the cap froze shut. Other than that it was a fantastic ride.

I posted a pair of photos to the BBTC website.

Another Day in Paradise


Friday Night [Snowball] Fights

Oh, and speaking of bikes, tomorrow we're stopping at the TiCycles shop in Seattle on the way home from the half-marathon Kristin is running in Mount Vernon and I *may* be ordering a Mooto-X YBB which you can view here.

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