Ridin' the Hood

With the Inbox filling up with messages about the impending wind and snow storm and the threat of more power failures, I was moved into action a bit earlier yesterday. And by action, I mean going for a bike ride. One of the rides I've been doing a lot lately starts out in my neighborhood on a few miles of woodchip trails, then drops into the "downtown" area of tiny Snoqualmie (population about 8,000). After about 2 miles on pavement I hop onto the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and ride up to Rattlesnake Lake. Once at the lake, I turn around and retrace my path home. It's a pretty easy 31 mile ride with just over 1500 feet of vertical. No singletrack, but some nice scenery nonetheless.

Steps from home and miles away.

A quick trip through town then back off-road.

A fine place for a snack.

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