Alien Hominid HD

If you're like me, you've looked at the Alien Hominid game box in the store countless times, forever wondering if it was worth buying, but never really taking the chance to find out. You may have even overlooked the game while simultaneously bemoaning the lack of worthwhile software for the Nintendo Gamecube. I know I did. And I don't feel guilty about it, either. After all, just look at the box. What exactly is going in there, anyway? And what exactly is a hominid? I know what a homonym is, but a hominid? And, umm, how do I put this gently... am I the only one who thinks game's "artistic vision" consisted of allowing the designer's kids to doodle on the back of a McDonald's tray liner? There's no way I was buying this game for $20, $30, or $40.

But for $10? Hell yeah, I'll give it a try. And today I will. Alien Hominid is the newest game available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and at 800 points, it's a steal. I hope. After all, unlike most of the other Live Arcade releases of late this one isn't a cash-grab upchucking of another cabinet classic. No, this is an actual full-scale retail game of recent times. And one that most people never played. Until now. Pardon me while I go download the game...

*By the way, a hominid is apparently a member of the family Hominidae which contains all of the great apes. Thank you Wikipedia.

Although now I can't stop saying, "A forty-foot purple Gorillallallalla!!!"

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