TR Training: Week #13 Numbers

Total Saddle Time: 9 hours, 25 minutes
Total Mileage: 121.7 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 2880 feet

First things first, Week #12 died a strange and unpleasant death at the hands of a house guest and crazy work schedule. I got one good long ride on the mountain bike in that week and that's about it. It happens. But I have to keep it to a minimum.

On to Week #13...

Monday: Day off due to a second visit to the endodontist for my root canal.

Tuesday: Rode the mountain bike up to Rattlesnake Lake and tacked on some trails near the house afterwards. 30 miles and a scant 1200 feet of climbing.

Wednesday: On the trainer, reminding myself why I need to stop skipping days by watching the TransRockies DVD again. Just rode for 1:15.

Thursday: Did the Spinervals "Tough Love" video again. Nothing like doing 3 hours of interval training in the garage. Really. There's nothing quite as bad.

Friday: Kristin took the day off to take the GMAT and I spent the rest of the day with her. Never got my recovery ride in and was not happy about it.

Saturday: Attended the "Harmonic Convergence" ride down in Longview, WA as posted on the MTBR forums. Rode about 20 miles of tight, twisty, muddy, singletrack with 75 of my newest friends. We stopped halfway through the ride to down the hoppy contents of a few well-hidden coolers. I struggled to keep up with the "fast group" and was really feeling the effects of having not done a recovery ride after Thursday's gruel-fest.

Sunday: Spent the day running all sorts of errands with Kristin and never got my ride in.

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