Race Face

So I'm planning on heading down to Belfair, Washington this Saturday to race in the Valentine's Challenge, my first pure-mountain biking race in several years. I'm looking forward to it. Or, i was up until I just checked Accuweather's website and found this:

The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia often have great quantities of precipitation during the winter. There is probably a solid scientific explanation for that, but the simple fact of the matter is that is where storms want to go this time of year. Sometimes they detour farther north or south, but more often than not, storms head straight into British Columbia and bring vast quantities of moisture into Washington and Oregon. This scenario will pan out this weekend as another storm slams the region. Coastal locations can expect high winds and heavy rain late Friday night and Saturday while 1 to 2 feet of snow falls in the mountains.

Sounds lovely. This is precisely why I want two bikes. One for crap conditions like this and another for good days.

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