Teammate Needed

My TransRockies partner just bailed on me.

I saw it coming, and he gave me some tentative warning last week, but this really throws a wrench into the works.

I have a few prospective teammates in mind, two of whom I can ride with semi-regularly but this definitely complicates things. Oh well, better he quit now than after the deadline in May.


Ash said...

Sorry to hear that Doug.

When I registered I didn't have a teammate. I just kept training in the knowledge that one would come my way, and one has.

Stay focussed and you'll attract one.

See you at the start line.


Maarten said...

Aw, that rots. KOB must be severely bummed that he has to drop out. I'm sure you'll find a new ride partner!

Doug Walsh said...

Thanks for the good words, guys. Yeah, KOB is probably pretty bummed. I was just fortunate to have a teammate that was able to recognize the right thing to do early on enough so as to not jeopardize the whole team.

I have a few possible replacements who are mulling it over, one of whom I'm going to meet at Moran State Park next weekend and see how compatibile we are (he's in Vancouver, BC).