Game Time

Like me, you may be wondering why a man blessed with such a flexible work schedule as I would be suffering the indignity of being awake at 5:30am. I can tell you why -- and it has nothing to do with Yahoo's article about leadership and morning rituals -- it's because, well, it's game time, baby! I have roughly 54 hours to get a week's worth of work done; to grocery shop and cook for 25 people attending our Super Bowl party; to help my wife clean the house; and to actually get some cycling in. For example, I'll be leading a ride to Poo-Poo Point on Saturday morning. And yes, I did select that location simply because I like typinig Poo-Poo into the ride calendar.

So, what this means to you is sacrifice. I know, I know, it doesn't sound fair. But hey, I'm not gonna suffer alone. So wake up. You. That's right, yes, you. Get out of bed, turn on the computer and sit and read about how I'm not going to be writing about last night's "Thrilla in Woodinvilla" ride. I'm not going to tell you that I got my time for the 20.5 mile route down to 1:49. I simply don't have time to tell you about how limiting myself to 1 Redhook ESB, a cobb salad, and some edamame after these rides has helped me lose 11 pounds since mid-November! And I'm certainly not going to be discussing another one of Dave Barry's very funny articles about the Super Bowl. You see, I simply don't have the time today. I would if, say, like Exxon-Mobil, I made 4.5 million dollars per hour. But I don't. So I'm awake at 5:30, I got my music on, a thermos of jet fuel next to me, and I'm ready to rumble.

See you Monday, and enjoy the game this weekend.

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