Brake Pads

Ah, the joy of racing in the mud. I was reading on the Indie Series message boards about a guy who put a new set of brake pads on his bike the night before the Valentine Challenge and had worn them down to the bare metal during the race. While cleaning my bike today, I decided to give the bike a proper once-over. I finally replaced my well-worn and oft-broken chain with a new one only to learn that my rear derailleur hanger is bent. While adjusting the derailleur, I noticed the sound of metal-on-metal emanating from my rear brake. I took the wheel off and a piece of the spring clip that holds the brake pads in place fell to the ground.

Not a good sign.

Behold the disc pads... what's left of them, that is:

You shouldn't be able to ever see those holes.

Suffice to say, my maiden voyage with my Garmin Edge 305 will have to wait until I get a new set of brake pads. The seat on my Giant is also cracked and the foam getting crumbly, time for a new seat too. I can't complain though, I got a solid 2 years of riding out of that one.

Guess I'll be riding the trainer today after all.

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