Hexic Dominance!

I finally did it. I finally got the "Big Cheese of the South Seas" Achievement on the puzzle game Hexic and, in doing so, staked out a commanding lead on my Friends Leaderboard for that game. Truth be told, one of the guys from BradyGames had a high score that exceeded my own by nearly 100,000 points and I have been playing the game on and off for months trying to better his mark. And I couldn't even come close until today. I had the perfect game going and finally got three Black Pearls clustered together and rocketed past his score almost two-fold! I'm now ranked about 6,000 out of the 1,000,000+ people who have posted scores to the Xbox Live Leaderboards for Hexic.

Yeah, I'm bad. You know it.

The only problem is that getting a cluster of three Black Pearls together effectively wins the game and causes all other pieces to disappear and the game to end. I didn't know this beforehand and was actually kind of annoyed because I was in no danger of losing the game and had other star pieces still active. I'm not saying I could have scored a million points, but I could have done a lot better than the 650,000 or so I did get.

Oh well... at least I finally got one of the three Achievements I've been struggling to get for months. One of them requires you to get six Black Pearls and make a ring out of them -- that's not going to happen -- but the other merely requires you to play 100 games. Kristin and I play Hexic constantly and I find it really odd that we haven't gotten that Achievement yet. The counter might be broken.

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