Outside the Realm of the Possible

One more Mike Curiak post and then I'll try and put a halt to this man-crush I'm developing for the guy.

Here's an article from last week's "Grand Junction Free Press" about Mike's upcoming self-supported trip across the 1100 mile Iditarod Trail in Alaska.

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He isn’t officially racing this year since he will be riding without support. He will be pulling a 90 pound trailer while the official participants will be using assistance from race organizers, shelters, and food drops to complete the course as quickly as possible. His goal is not speed, just proving that a bike rider can ride the entire trail without any support. He is also determined to be more reflective and soak up the experience.

“In years past, I would be pedaling through these incredible valleys, but I couldn’t really stop to enjoy it because I was worried about the racers behind. This year I plan to take 22 to 25 days to finish the course rather than 16.”

If you're curious about the bike and trailer he is planning to use check the discussion and photos in this thread at MTBR.com. It'll blow your mind.

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