Now All I Need Is a Frame

My custom wheels from Mike Curiak arrived on Monday and are even sharper than I thought they'd be. The mango colored Chris King hubs are really eye-catching and will be a nice accent on what will otherwise be an all black and titanium bike (aside from mango headset and stem-cap). They're also pretty light -- definitely moreso than the cheapie training wheels I bought to take the brunt of the mileage I put on this new bike. I emailed Mike to ask him if he by any chance weighed them once they were built. He hadn't and told me not to worry about it -- that the wheels were plenty light "for you!"

Unlike the sales guy down the road who just wants to sell you the lightest and most expensive set of wheels he can, Mike took my weight, riding style and anticipated terrain into consideration and built me a set that, in his expertise, fits those variables. I can't wait to ride them. And knowing they were built specifically for my needs will be nice piece of mind when I take them deep into the backcountry in the coming months.

29er Bontrager Mustang OSB Disc 32-spoke rim,
DT Swiss Comp spokes, Chris King Iso hub.

Drooling is perfectly acceptable.

Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering who this Mike guy is and why I trust his word so much, be sure to read the background info on this page. Pretty impressive, eh?

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