Wednesday was Wheel Day

This whole switch to a 29er means that I'm going to be taking up yet even more room in the garage with bike equipment. Namely another bike and yet another set of extra wheels. The first of the two sets of 29er wheels I ordered arrived yesterday. After waiting for nearly two months on a set of backordered wheels (XT hubs with Mavic 729 rims) from, I finally switched the order to a set that was a few dollars cheaper at $235 and that they had in stock. So, for training wheels, I'll be riding a set of WTB Speed Disc rims with Shimano XT hubs: black rims, black spokes/nippes, and a black hub. I know my road bike and CX bike I used to have are both the same wheel diameter as the 29er, but these rims don't seem as large. I guess I was just expecting to be blown away by the enormity of the larger rims. But, honestly, they didn't look a full 3" bigger than regular mountain bike wheels.

Anyway, in even better news, I got the shipping info from Mike Curiak at and my good set of wheels shipped from Colorado yesterday. He had to wait for Chris King to send him the mango-colored hubs I requested, but even with the delay I knew I'd get the wheels before the frame so I wasn't concerned. I imagine they'll show up tomorrow or Saturday and I cannot wait to see them. I've never had a wheelset with really good hubs before and I cannot wait to ride them.

Now I just need to find a sensitive enough scale to weigh these wheels and see exactly how much lighter the good set is...

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