Double Headers

The Twins and White Sox played the first game of a day-night double header today and the final score was 20 to 14.

The Twins and White Sox are baseball teams in case you thought the NFL may have gotten underway early this season.

Aside from the oh-crap factor of realizing my friend Lou scored 12 runs and 8 rbi's in fantasy baseball just from the four guys he has from the Twins, my second thought was about motivation. I know these guys, in the words of T.O.'s point-person, have millions of reasons to want to play tonight's game, but they are still human. How on earth could they want to head back out there for another go around after a marathon slugfest the likes of which we only see in the MLB once every few years?

Scratch that thought.

I just alt-tabbed over to StatTracker and see that the Twins are already up 3-0 in the top of the first inning in the night game. They still have an entire game to play and Justin Morneau is already 4-6 at the plate with 4 Runs, 1 HR, and 6 RBIs on the day. Do you think he'll remember this day 30 years from now? I do.

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