Le Tour

It's back and I'm as excited as ever. For the next three weeks I will set my alarm clock for 6am each morning to make sure I get to see the live feed of the Tour de France every day and not risk spoiling myself for what is almost always a dramatic finish. Like today for example, when Kristin and I made the mistake of flipping away from the replay airing (we slept in) to ESPN and I caught an accidental glance at the results. I flipped back before Kristin saw the name atop list, but it was too late for me. But that's alright because Robbie McEwan's finishing sprint today was so remarkable and so unexpected that even though I knew he won the stage I refused to believe it up until the final seconds. The guy is a magician.

Forget what you think you know about the Tour and doping and everything else and just enjoy it. It only comes around once a year and regardless of what might be flowing through these guys veins, this is still the most grueling athletic competition in the world as far as I'm concerned. Watch it everyday on the Versus Network (formerly OLN).

And here's ten great reasons why you should.

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