Want to know exactly how fun my Thursday night training rides can be? Well, aside from the fact that we end each ride with dinner and beer at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, there is the occasional "Thrilla'rita" version of the ride as well.

Last night was the second annual Thrilla'Rita. What's Thrilla'Rita, you ask? Well, rather than meet us at the start of the ride, our ride leader Kevin instead tows a trailer on his bike to the top of the hill at the midway point of the ride and waits for us. In said cooler is enough ice, maragarita mix, and tequila to easily quench the thirst of a dozen sweaty mountain bikers looking to imbibe mid-ride. And not only did he have the cooler full of drinks, but he even had a Conch Republic (i.e. Key West, aka Margaritaville) flag waving from his bike! Not to mention a Hawaiian shirt.

Mid-ride margaritas aside, last night was my first good ride in a few weeks. I kept saying I was going to hold back so as to not burn myself out two days before STP, but I ended up finishing the route in 1:36 anyway, which was a new personal best. I think. We lost one very short section of singletrack due to development, but that only cut a minute or so out of the ride.

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