Introducing Mr. Tiki

I've always wanted a tiki carving for my yard. Ever since I first started seeing chainsaw sculptures 10 years ago in North Carolina, I always wanted a big, weatherproof tiki of my own. My friend Rudi who bought a house in Emerald Isle, NC eventually beat me to it and had one on his porch that he rubbed for good luck everytime he went surfing, which is to say almost everyday.

Well, it's been ten years, but finally I have one. After staining the fence yesterday, I got the idea to create a rock garden in the backyard and that a chainsaw sculpture would look perfect in it. And lo and behold but there's a great chainsaw art place here in town and amidst the dozens of bears and eagles and fish sculptures, there was one 42" tall tiki. And now he's in the yard. I have plans to put some red battery-powered lights behind him so that he looks like he's glowing with fire from the inside at night. And we're going to add a couple of torches and some bamboo alongside him, and hopefully a couple of big chunks of basalt, but for now it's just Mr. Tiki. Silently keeping watch over the backyard.

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