TransRockies: Three Weeks to Go!

The preliminary start list is up on the TR site for those interested. I changed our team name from "Terminal Fitness" which I really liked to one that better reflects Brett's and my respective sponsors. So we are listed about 1/3 of the way down the page as team "BradyGames/AutoQuest"

You can see the list of teams entered here.

Also, while the exact route information is apparently a closely guarded secret not to be revealed until we check in the day before the race, we do know that it is roughly the same as last year's course except in the opposite direction. Simon, the super posting TR veteran from Vancouver has posted the following breakdown based on reversing the numbers from last year.

Day 1 – Panorama to Invermere 51.2 kms Paved Roads 7.9 kms, Gravel Roads 18.4 kms, Double/Single-track 24.85 kms 1345 metres climbing 1649 metres descending

Day 2 – Invermere to Nipika 63.8 kms Paved Roads 17.41 kms, Gravel Roads 20.62 kms, Double/Single-track 25.77 kms 1439 metres climbing 1119 metres descending

Day 3 – Nipika to Whiteswan Lake 107.5 kms Paved Roads 0 kms, Gravel Roads 68.5 kms, Double/Single-track 39 kms 1302 metres climbing 1285 metres descending

Day 4 – Whiteswan Lake to Elkford 94.48 kms Paved Roads 1.6 kms, Gravel Roads 49.29 kms, Double/Single-track 43.60 kms 1528 metres climbing 1368 metres descending (Including the rock garden)

Day 5 – Elkford to Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass) 109 kms Paved Roads 7 kms, Gravel Roads 62 kms, Double/Single-track 40 kms 2600 metres climbing 2612 metres descending

Day 6 – Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass) to Sparwood 77 kms Paved Roads 10 kms, Gravel Roads 27 kms, Double/Single-track 40 kms 2000 metres climbing 2140 metres descending

Day 7 – Sparwood to Fernie 61 kms Paved Roads 6 kms, Gravel Roads 15 kms, Double/Single-track 40 kms 1100 metres climbing 1225 metres descending

I did the metric to english conversions and Day 5 is even more intimidating than it seems in metric. It breaks out to 67.6 miles and 8,528 feet of gain. The good news is that those numbers are almost exactly the same as my Day 3 on the Kokopelli Trail so I know what that is going to feel like. It's not going to tickle.

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