Mars and Venus

It's a gorgeous day today. The temperature is in the low 80's. There's a slight breeze and there's little humidity and almost no clouds to spot anywhere. It's days like this that I miss my Acura. Or better yet, days like today make me wish I had a convertible. Something fast. Something exotic. Like a Ferrari or an Aston Martin. Just to drop the top and go for a nice fast ride on some curvy mountain roads. I like to browse the classifieds on on days like today and daydream. I found a drop-dead gorgeous Aston Martin DB7 convertible on there today at a luxury dealer in Bellevue. It's a car I've driven in multiple videogames and is oh-so-Bond. The car only had 25K miles and sports a 420hp V12 engine. I hate to say it, but OMFG that's hot!

"Honey, what do you think of this car? Not that we can afford it, but wouldn't it be nice to cruise around in that on a day like today?

Kristin agreed and said she really liked the DB7's diamond blue paint job, but she was clearly not interested. It probably had to do with the $70,000 asking price.

Several minutes later she lets out an elongated "Ooohhhhhhhh." Against my better judgement I ask her what has her so excited and she tells me, "Not that we want another one, but a couple is moving and they need someone to adopt their 13 year old dog."

"Oh good, just in time to pay for its final medical bills, euthanizing, and having it cremated. That's awfully sweet of them to put their dying dog up for adoption."

Sometimes when we're each browsing the Internet for things, it's best if we don't tell each other what we're looking at.

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