So True

I used to be an avid message board poster. Now I just sort of occasionally lurk on sites that I can't be bothered creating a username for. The ones I do have usernames with don't interest me anymore. One of the things I saw today that almost makes me want to register a nick for, just so I can use it as my signature is this gem from user "corncobtacular"

Where the hell is this endless supply of pictures of cats? How in the hell does everyone on the internet have a picture of a cat with an amusing caption for every possible circumstance?

I have often wondered that myself.


Maarten said...

Shoot, Doug, are you out of cat pictures?!!? What the hell! It sounds like it's cramping your net.participation style something fierce. Just call me, I can supply. I've got 3 cats, so I must have a few gigs of unused pics lying around that you're welcome to put stupid captions on!

Doug Walsh said...

LOL! I can't say I've ever had the urge to post pics of cats with crazy captions but it's hard to read a message board without bumping into a few of them. It's crazy how often one can find a totally appropriate and uniquely absurd pic of a cat posted on a message board. Very funny.