The Five People You Meet In Hell

This is a public service announcement. It was brought to my attention during the 9:40 showing of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE at the Regal Theatre in Issaquah Saturday night, that large portions of the audience aren't "getting" one of the funnier bits in the movie.

Continue reading, this is a spoiler-free post.

There is a brief scene involving a group of ladies of Springfield sitting down to another meeting of their book club. The new book is introduced -- it's "Tuesdays With Morrie" and they all groan and complain because they've already read it numerous times. Finally, Reverend Lovejoy's wife says something to the extent of (not a direct quote) "We read that book one more time and you'll be the five people I see in hell!"

And there wasn't a peep out of the audience. Kristin firmly believes I was the only one in the crowd who got the joke. I actually laughed pretty hard and thought it was one of the more clever jokes in the film. It was too bad nobody else got it though.

The joke is this: "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" are both written by Mitch Albom. Considering how well-stocked these books are in all of the Starbucks shops, I would have thought this was common knowledge. Anyway, there you go. Now you're equipped to laugh alone in the theatre when the book club scene comes up. No need to thank me.

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