Sony Drops Price of PS3 to $499

And in other news, I still have zero plans to buy one.

Even aside from the fact that I can barely play the few X360 games I buy as much as I'd like, I see no compelling reason software-wise to own a PS3 yet. Having a Blu-Ray player would be nice, no doubt, but at this point if I really want to watch a movie in HD, there's several decent options on DirecTV; I can download one from Xbox Live Marketplace; or I can go ahead and get the HD-DVD player add-on for the X360. I know Blu-Ray has a wider library, but it's also more than double the price as well. I thik Sony will start to see a slight increase in unit sales thanks to the price-drop, but they are never going to reach a critical mass of PS3 owners at the $499 pricepoint. Money is just too tight for too many folks to spend that kind of dough on a game console with such a limited number of games.

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