Not My Gamerpic of Choice

If the Gamerpic on my profile card to the right is of a woman's face and not the impressionist surfer picture that has been there for the past 8 months, then know that it is not by my choosing. I was linking my online profile with Major Nelson's blog and part of the verification process requires you to change your Gamerpic and gameplay zone to ones they specify. I did this and I have since changed them back on the console but the changes haven't shown up online for some reason.

In other gaming news, let me just say that this is shaping up to be a great year for me with regards to the games I'll be writing for. Bioshock was easily one of the top three best games I've authored a strategy guide for (and I've written over 60) and if the schedule shakes out the way I hope it does, I could end up writing for one or two other "GOTY" contenders later this fall. But, speaking of Game of the Year hullabaloo, let me just say that as of right now Bioshock is the leader in the clubhouse and nothing else is even close. I know it's only July, but it will be hard for anything to beat it.

I'll be running a giveaway for signed copies of my Bioshock strategy guide before I leave for TransRockies. I'm very proud of how this book is coming out so stay tuned!

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