Which Console For You?

Yahoo Videogames posted a surprisingly thorough and seemingly quite objective article on the state of the three major videogame consoles. It talks about E3, the present situations for each console, the 2007 lineups, and of course the future. Best of all, it's geared towards those people who may be in the market for a console later this year. Here's the link. It's another good example of how the mainstream media has started being a much more reliable source of games coverage than the gaming press. And, if nothing else, they at least write with enough professionalism and maturity to not make you feel embarrassed for having clicked the link.

In other news, I'm super busy with work right now, but I'll be posting about the success XBLA is having winning over the casual gamers in my house and that of friends of mine. It seems that the "family and friends" demographic that experts seem to be conceding to Nintendo's Wii is actually fairly well-represented on a lot of XBLA games.

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