Attack of the TP

Woke up this morning and found the house across the street from mine absolutely covered in toilet paper. The trees, the cars, the basketball hoop, etc., etc. Awesome.

That's another reason not to have kids. Your kids will undoubtedly do something to provoke other kids which, in turn, gets your house egged, soaped, or covered in toilet paper. I feel bad for this guy though, cause his kids are only about 10 years old. They've got years of torture ahead of them. Speaking of which, the house next to them has three teenage daughters -- only a matter of time before something similar happens there.

Funny thing is, I was up working pretty late last night and heard a commotion outside, but just figured it was one of those teenage girls messing with their boyfriend. I probably could have put a stop to the TP'ing had I have bothered. Or I could have helped them. Not really sure which I would have done. Best I just ignore them and kept working.

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